Why MedSPA Mobile Solutions?

Are you looking for an affordable way to launch your new mobile medical spa or need options to drive new business to your established practice? Purchasing a vehicle is just the beginning, but how do you ensure the success of your mobile medspa?

MedSPA Mobile Solutions has the answer! We offer turnkey design and business solutions specifically designed to ensure beauty, compliance, and success of your mobile business. Created by the industry's leading Medical Spa Consulting firm and Expert medspa design team, MMS provides customers with the most beautiful mobile designs backed with industry guidance to help you navigate your growth.

Eliminate the Guesswork

MedSPA Mobile Solutions offers a solution - an upscale and professional medspa on wheels that meets all compliance regulations. With MMS, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry. We provide the entire process from start to finish so you can launch your business with confidence.

Compliant Design & Professional Services

Our professional designs are created to elevate your brand and provide a functional, high-end medspa experience for your clients. Our professional designs ensure that your mobile medspa will stand out above the rest with an upscale look and feel, inside and out.

Everything You Need To Get Started & Succeed

MedSPA Mobile Solutions provides you with everything you need to launch your business – not only do we provide you with the vehicle and the design, but we offer a complete package of services including a mobile business plan, marketing solutions, and support, so that you can be sure that your business will succeed. We even offer additional customized services tailored to your unique needs to help your business thrive.

What’s included in a MedSPA Mobile Solutions that’s not include your DIY Mobile?

Built To Withstand Business On The Road -
Professional Space Planning -
Efficient Layout For Provider & Guests -
Medical Grade Finishes, Sterile Environment, Easy To Clean -
Custom Finishes -
Custom Branded Exterior -
Required Or Integrated Electric -
Heating & Cooling Solutions -
Commercial Grade Flooring -
Dedicated Electric For Appliances -
Dedicated Electric For Laser Or Equipment Needs -
Plumbing -
Proper Ventilation for Services Using Devices -
Under - Counter Locking Refrigerators -
Dispensary Storage -
Retail Space Solutions -
Commercial Grade Seating -
Client Waiting Area -
Point Of Sale Counter -
Sound System -
Ambient Lighting -
Task Oriented Lighting -
Mobile Business Plan & Financial Pro Forma -
Service Selection, Virtual Retail Store, & Supply Guidance -
Equipment and Technology Selection Guidance -
Branding Development & Marketing Materials -
Marketing & Advertising Campaigns, Design & Lead Gen. -
Website Design For Mobile -
Vehicle Maintenance Setup Agreements -
Legal And Regulatory Compliance -
Custom Operations Compliance -
In - Office Compliance Mobile - Specific -
Permit, Licensing & Regulatory For The Vehicle -

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